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Inner Guidance in Times of Great Change

Program Overview

The Inner Guidance Coaching Program is for those wanting to enhance their inner-knowing and cultivate greater clarity regarding the guidance encountered therein.

What do I mean by inner knowing? Knowledge and wisdom that is experienced and received directly, in contrast to information that results from conceptual or analytical activity.

A few examples from various belief systems: tapping into collective or Universal consciousness, downloads from Infinite Intelligence, messages from your spirit guides, psychic hits, etc…

The basis of this program is an understanding that there is a great deal of information readily available to the un/subconscious mind. Interestingly, the body can be a wonderful conduit for accessing that information.

The “trick” is learning to settle the conscious / analytical mind so that these deeper layers of awareness may rise to the surface.

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Transitions & Transformations

What sorts of changes might you experience after going through this program?

  • Less anxiety & greater confidence moving through life or career changes
  • Expanded awareness of opportunities
  • Action plan for healing and growth beyond this program

Program Elements

  • Clarify short, mid, and long terms goals and vision
  • Assessment & exploration of core beliefs and values
  • Discussing the role of discernment & healthy skepticism
  • Review of current habits and practices that are working
  • Develop new practices and evaluate effectiveness over time
  • Experimentation and journaling or logging – in a way that works for you
  • Select articles provided and discussed – based on your unique challenges and goals

Is This Program Right For Me?

The sorts of practices we’ll explore in this program tend to work best when you can find or create a bit of space in your life. If you are going through an intense or stressful time, this can be a bit much to pull off.

If you’re unsure or would simply like to learn more about the program, click the Let’s Talk button below to schedule time for a free discovery call.

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