Career Coaching with a Focus on Wellness


How meaningful is your work? How does it affect your health and wellbeing? How would it feel to make a shift in one or both areas with confidence, clarity and purpose?


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Investing in Coaching Is a Life Changing Decision to Embrace Change on a Deep & Personal Level


Advance or Change Career

Save time, money, and heartache by clearing through the fog of indecision. Our coaching work will give you actionable insights, leading to concrete and practical steps to move your career ahead, or change careers altogether.


Reduce Stress

Love your job but not the stress it brings into your life? Learn new ways of managing your work, and buffering yourself against stressful events and triggers. Be proactive in avoiding the burnout and health challenges associated with ongoing work related stress.


Explore Possibilities

Every feel like there must be more to life, but you don’t know what? I can help you on the journey of exploration of what is possible for you in both career and wellness. When you’re aligned with your passions, anything is possible.

Invest in Yourself

Is there such a thing as a sure investment? The worlds of work and wellness are changing quickly and profoundly. Being the best you that you can be is the safest bet ever during times of change.

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