Build Burnout Immunity

Activate your “Inner GPS” and learn to design healthy energetic boundaries.

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Spark Your Creativity

Light up the part of you that finds new solutions to old problems – for you and your clients. You come first.

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Become Energy Wise

Identify and unplug energy vampires – whether they be people, habits, or thoughts – you have the power to protect yourself and to disconnect when desired.

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Intuition and Creativity Coaching for Helping Professionals

It is all too easy for those of us in the helping professions to lose track of our own inner voice and vision at times. Things can become heavy and dark as we take on more of the stories of the outside world, and spend less time nurturing our own inner worlds.

The good news is that if you are feeling this way – it’s a sign that there’s something inside of you calling out for recognition and acknowledgment.

From my perspective, intuition isn’t a gift reserved for the few, but a natural aspect of who we all are as human beings. It’s natural and present at birth. We simply learn, through education and culture, to tune it out as we work to get into alignment with external forces and pressures.

Intuition and Creativity Coaching will help you tap back into these natural abilities, which are expressed and experienced uniquely by each of us.

This type of work is an empowering way to avoid becoming a statistic in the all too familiar story of early burnout for helping professionals, something I have experienced first hand myself.

So what do you say? Ready to lighten up, have some fun, and spark those creative and intuitive abilities?