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“My work with Roger has been invaluable. I often come to him when I feel stuck with something in my career or everyday life. Roger is a great listener and pays close attention to the underlying energy of a situation. Sometimes, that leads to an insight that I wouldn’t have had by myself. Sometimes, I just end up seeing things differently. Surprisingly, this is actually usually enough to help me get on the right path. He has been a model to me in demonstrating the power that calm, disinterested attention can have when it comes to shifting things in my life. I have seen real, positive change by working with him. I can’t recommend him enough.”

— Nick H, San Antonio

“Our work has been incredibly impactful to me. I sometimes hit this point with a healer where I feel like they see me as broken and need to “fix me”… You are the best example of someone who always makes me feel whole, and is at the same time is such a powerful ally and guide and has helped me with my deepest work and blind spots.”

— Jessica, Chicago

“Roger is a fellow life coach whom I have known since we attended the same coaching program in 2014.  With his coaching expertise and industry experience in software development, Roger brings a unique background as a problem-solver with a heart for helping others.  He has a solid understanding of the challenges that professionals face in today’s work environment and is both equipped and motivated to help them.  While I consider Roger a colleague, he has helped me throughout our own coaching sessions over the last several years.  He has helped me to reframe my own challenges at work and also coached me around my struggles with marketing my business. His coaching has been invaluable, and I continue to gain new insight through our sessions together.  I highly recommend partnering with Roger as you navigate your own unique challenges at work or life.”

— Ryan W, Chicago

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