I am on a mission to explore the powerful synergies between creativity, productivity, and wellness:

  • Creativitygrowing the new — bringing new thoughts, ideas, and approaches into the world.
  • Productivitymaking sh*t happen — taking action & producing real-world output.
  • Wellness —  in balance and with integrity — ongoing healing of self, others, and community.

I am driven by the question: what are we capable of in our higher aspects? My guess is that we have barely scratched the surface of understanding what the true human potential really is.

In my coaching and energy work with clients, I help them reclaim their life energy, and their attention by breaking out of limiting loops and programming.

My work is a blend of the best training, skills, and lessons learned from 10+ years of helping people with all sorts of life challenges.

In addition to coaching and mentoring in the corporate work environment, here are some of the other modalities that influence my work today:

Why This? Why Now?

Why do I continue coaching and why specifically am I choosing now to focus on helping people with navigating change?

It’s pretty simple. Despite having all sorts of interests, there are a few core values and beliefs that run through everything I do:

I value work – Work is not a negative word to me. Whether we’re talking about earning a living, spiritual development, or making art — I believe in “doing the work”. For me, work is how we grow and evolve ourselves in this lifetime.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional – this is more than a saying for me. I believe this. I have developed practices that help me live this. So I am passionate about helping other find ways that work for them.

Shifting our energy changes the equation – This is an add-on to the above belief. We are each capable of shifting our thoughts and emotions in positive directions. We can do this in genuine and powerful ways. When we shift our thoughts, it is amazing what begins to happen “on the outside”. Not only do we perceive things differently, different things begin to happen.

We do not know what we are capable of – We’re living through a lot of imbalances in our world. For example, we’re exposed to an endless stream of news highlighting the negative aspects of what humans are capable of. At the same time, we have very little idea what we are truly capable of on the other side of the spectrum. Individually and collectively, I truly believe we have abilities and capacities that we know little about. Likewise, I believe that discovering and activating these abilities can happen by way of small shifts in consciousness. These small changes happen all of the time, but we’re easily distracted – and all too often overlook profoundly significant but quiet events and signs, looking instead for external flashy big bangs.

Shift Your Energy Coaching

Leveraging all of the above, the work that we do in Shift Your Energy Coaching is to dig deep to understand your foundational and formative beliefs, experiences, and values.

We bring these things out into the open for clear assessment based on all that you know today. We look for opportunities to shift things in one direction or another.

We assess your current practices – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. What’s working? What’s missing?

We develop plans to test and experiment. Every day that you go to work, you have a stream of opportunities to test small shifts in thought, small changes in how you decide to show up.

We observe through inspection and introspection, and we adapt – keeping an eye on your short and long term goals every step of the way.

Ready or not…

If you’re wondering if now is the right time for you to work with a coach, my advice is to not wait until you are ready. That time may never come. Willing is a better marker in my book. It’s not so much asking what you want or if you’re ready. The question is – what are you choosing today? To stay the course or make a change?

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