Navigate Change

Transitions & Transformations Coaching with Roger

Move through work & life changes with less anxiety, more clarity and inner peace.

  • 3 to 6 months of weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • Program customized for you based on situation and desired outcomes
  • Hand-picked materials, assessments, and tools provided
  • Access to coaching clients calendar with more availability than public booking calendar
  • Emails between sessions as needed
  • Cost varies depending on program & length


Coaching with Roger

What Clients Are Saying

“Our work has been incredibly impactful to me. I sometimes hit this point with a healer where I feel like they see me as broken and need to “fix me”… You are the best example of someone who always makes me feel whole, and is at the same time is such a powerful ally and guide and has helped me with my deepest work and blind spots.”

— Jessica

“He has helped me to reframe my own challenges at work and also coached me around my struggles with marketing my business. His coaching has been invaluable, and I continue to gain new insight through our sessions together.  I highly recommend partnering with Roger as you navigate your own unique challenges at work or life.”

— Ryan W

How To Get Started

Discovery Call

A discovery call is a free, 30 minute call that gives us both a chance to ask a few questions and get a sense of whether or not we’re a good match. My main goal with these calls is to listen carefully so that I understand your challenges and goals. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, and will openly share whether or not I feel my coaching services can help with your specific situation.


It’s about so much more than money.

Consider what may be gained, especially if you show up with heartful intent and a sincere desire to do the work. Compare those possibilities against what is likely to happen if you do nothing, wait for tomorrow to see if things are different, or just give up altogether.

What’s at risk here? Consider how a stressful work or life situation can affect your energy levels, mental and physical health, relationships, and your family.

And what about the opportunity costs? The surest way to never find your happy place is to stick it out in a draining or destructive environment.

What’s holding you back? Fear, uncertainty, and doubt?

How would it feel to accept the FUD and do it anyway?